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Pyramid Solitaire – Online Strategy Game

Pyramid Solitaire – Online Strategy Game

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Pyramid Solitaire – Online Strategy Game
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The Classic Pyramid Solitaire is still a great game for those who like solitaire and who like the simplicity of rules casino kajot that go along with it. In this new online version pyramid solitaire has been transformed to be more user friendly and more exciting than ever before. There are now exciting new versions like the Pyramid Savvy, the Classic Pyramid, or the Biggest Pyramid and even custom sets if you want to. Each version of the game provides a unique experience and some new moves and strategies as well.

You start by choosing an image via your desktop or a free image service such as Flickr. An image via your desktop is usually not the best quality so your virtual card box will need to be designed and built using software such as Desktop Scratch or Paint Shop Pro. Next you choose a name for your card deck – we recommend that you make your own if you are making your first Pyramid Solitaire since the process of actually building the Pyramid Solitaire is quite tedious and time consuming. Finally you select the colors and symbols for your card deck. Most software provides the option to preview your card deck before it is printed.

Each turn you must move from one card to the next, adding new cards to your deck one at a time, in succession, following the sequence of the layout shown on the back of your card. You may move any paris vip casino free spins number of cards at one time, but each card must be placed in its respective slot. Also you must follow the same sequence of placement for all cards, following the same rules for that slot. The goal is to be the first player to remove all of the cards from their original slot and obtain the jackpot prize.

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